Contest Systems Overview
Connectivity Guide

Operating System Services

z/OS has various services that you will be connecting to during the course of the contest. These services are listed below along with corresponding port numbers for client connectivity. You may need to communicate the following information to your network administrator to ensure the following ports and services are available:

z/OS IP Address :
Service Port
3270 23
SSH 22
FTP 21
RDz (Optional) 4035

Contest Environment

In recent years, the contest environment had multiple operating systems for you to connect to. This year, we are only using z/OS. However, you will be using two different clients to communicate with different operating environments inside z/OS. The different environments are:

  • z/OS Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
  • z/OS Unix System Services (USS)

z/OS is running as a virtual machine on a single physical z13 at the z/ISV Lab in Dallas, TX.

Note: Since the Dallas Data Center is a lab environment, the running systems are subject to regular scheduled maintenance outtages. During a regularly scheduled interval, the z13 that hosts the Master the Mainframe contest is unavailable.

Click here to view the outage schedule.

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