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How to Master the Mainframe

I first came across the Master the Mainframe contest during my freshman year of high school, in 2012. My AP Computer Science teacher was the one who introduced it to me, along with the rest of my class. Being thrust into the contest with very little prior CS experience was a little terrifying, but I eventually was able to get through Parts 1 and 2. I had no idea what I was doing, and was only able to get anywhere thanks to tons of help from the older Computer Science students at my school. Fast forward three years, and I’m throwing my hat into the ring once more. For the fourth time, I opened up the Vista TN3270 emulator and dove right in… More How to Master the Mainframe

2016 World Championship Experience

Only having about three months of experience as a member of the Master the Mainframe team, I found myself lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to join the team in San Francisco at the 2015 World Championship competition several weeks ago. The team, joined with the astounding top nine competitors who had traveled from all over the globe, enjoyed several beautiful and exciting days in the amazing city of San Francisco. … More 2016 World Championship Experience