Workstation Preparation
Part One

Three crucial pieces of software are required to participate in the contest:

  1. Telnet 3270 Emulator (TN3270) - needed to communicate with many of the traditional mainframe environments like z/OS ISPF. Telnet 3270 is a block-oriented 3270 terminal emulator that can communicate over a TCP/IP network.
  2. SSH Client - needed to connect to a the z/OS Unix System Serivces shell. Similar to telnet, SSH is a cryptographically secure protocol that supports a stream-oriented connection to Unix-like environments.
  3. Web Browser - We assume you already have a web browser, as they come pre-installed in all modern operating systems. You are probably using one to read this text!

Follow the steps in the Connectivity Guide for the operating system you are using. The installation and configurations of the 3270 emulator and SSH client for Windows, Linux, and Mac are described in the Master the Mainframe Contest Connectivity Guide. Ensure that you can connect to both the TN3270 and the Unix servers before continuing.

Pause for a moment.

Inhale slowly and exhale. For those first-time contestants out there, you are taking your last breaths as a non-mainframer. May you always recall this moment fondly.

For the Master the Mainframe veterans, we hope you enjoyed the breathing exercise. Buckle up and let's get to work!

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