More ISPF Editor
Part Two - Challenge #03


This is a continuation of the previous challenge where we continue to explore the ISPF editor.

Additional information regarding the commands found in this challenge are located on the ISPF Editor Command Summary Page.

Your challenge:

Edit CC#####.DATA(LINUXONE) and enter the primary line command RESET.
RESET will clear the ==MSG> warnings and give you more space to work in.

In the primary and line command fields, perform the following actions, as indicated:

Line 15Type MM
Line 23Type MM
Line 1Enter B
Line 29Enter D4
Line 18Type M4
Line 4Enter A
PrimaryEnter C ALL # ' '
PrimaryEnter C ALL @ +
PrimaryEnter C ALL & :

The text image should appear in a shape that resembles something like a cylon...
Actually this is the latest and greatest hardware offering from IBM for running Linux:

Remember: If you mess up, you can restart using the guidance given in Resetting a Data Set Reference Page.

To complete this challenge, copy the unscrambled text image to your P2.OUTPUT data set as member name #03 by performing the following steps:

  1. Enter the primary command RESET
  2. On line 1, enter the line command C99
  3. Enter the primary command REPLACE P2.OUTPUT(#03)
  4. Press F3 to save and exit

Success! Move on to the next challenge now.


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